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    Value of Evaluation

    How do people who use evaluation findings describe their values of evaluation? How do evaluation stakeholders perceive evaluation in their institutions? STEAM Workgroup (https://steamworkgroup.com), and independent research and evaluation firm, is expanding on a pilot study to help inform the various informal learning evaluation communities. This is a volunteer study, and findings will be available…


    Members Only: SDZG Academy

    San Diego Zoo Global Academy Welcomes IZE Members San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) Academy is thrilled to announce a year-long, innovative new content partnership with IZE. Our members will now have access to an IZE-branded Academy web site that offers hundreds of online courses, webinars, and other content that can be accessed via internet from…


    Job Experience Program

    The 2019 Job Experience Program Applications are now closed.? Stay tuned to see everyone’s experiences from all over the world!

    At IZE, we are dedicated to expanding the educational impact of zoos and aquariums worldwide.

    Our Partners


    50th Annual IAAAM Meeting and Conference

    50th Annual IAAAM Meeting and Conference Date: 18-22nd May 2019 Location: Durban, South Africa Websi..

    PAAZA 30th Conference and AGM

    18th CITES Conference


    2019 Journal Cover Competition

    The International Zoo Educators Association (IZE) is looking for a great photo for the 2019 Journal ..


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