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  • IZE Regional Representative Europe & Middle East

    March 25, 2019  

    IZE Regional Representative Europe & Middle East

    The IZE Board is recruiting a new Regional Rep for Europe & Middle East. This individual will be responsible for representing the organization throughout the region for a four-year term. Duties include driving IZE membership, arranging for Journal submissions, attending regional zoological and education conferences, gathering regional updates, creating social media and website posts, and participating in program subcommittees. Candidates must present a letter from their institution demonstrating their support for his/her participation which includes mandatory attendance at the IZE Board meeting every two years. The 2020 IZE Conference is in San Diego, California and the 2022 Conference is in Wellington, New Zealand.

    Interested candidates should send a copy of their resume, along with a cover letter demonstrating their interest, to IZE at izeaoffice@gmail.com. Applications are due by Friday, April 12.

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