Value of Evaluation

February 28, 2019  

How do people who use evaluation findings describe their values of evaluation? How do evaluation stakeholders perceive evaluation in their institutions? STEAM Workgroup (, and independent research and evaluation firm, is expanding on a pilot study to help inform the various informal learning evaluation communities. This is a volunteer study, and findings will be available on the STEAM Workgroup website, and announcements will be made via listserv and Twitter accounts. Privacy is central our work and this study, so no personal information is collected – this includes data such as institution names, locations, and IP addresses.

Who should participate in this study? It should be sent to people who read and/or use evaluations (whether theoretically or in practice) in your organization. It is not for evaluators themselves. If your organization doesn’t have a formal evaluator or hasn’t worked with one, we would still greatly appreciate the input from your coworkers as long as they have some sort of familiarity or interest in evaluation. In other words, it’s up to you to determine who should receive the survey link because you know your context best!

The survey – based on Q methodology – is here:

The recruitment letter for participants is at this link (PDF):?

Questions can be sent to:

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